OUT NOW (17/Sep/2022)

*Destroy Everything You Touch* via Infinity Land Press


Zealous Immaculate ~~ 2022 Amphetamine Sulphate (US/UK)

Tears of a Komsomol Girl ~~ 2020, Infinity Land Press (UK)

  • Second edition OUT NOW (17/Sep/2022)

Plan for the Abduction of J.G. Ballard ~~ 2019, Infinity Land Press (UK)


A-Z of Robomasochism (included in Human Rights SF anthology) ~~ 2022, Amphetamine Sulphate (US/UK)

Invisibility: A Manifesto ~~ 2020, Amphetamine Sulphate (US)


Destroy Everything You Touch ~~ 2022, Infinity Land Press (UK)

Paracosmic Immersion & Temporal Distortion
short story, Ragged Lion Journal #1
2020 Ragged Lion Press (UK)

Crash Triptych
short story, Deep Ends: A Ballardian Anthology 2020
2020 The Terminal Press (CA)

Regina Achse Advances Her Interests
short story, SOFT NEED 23 (ed. Udo Breger & Luzius Martin)
2020 Expanded Media Editions (CH)

Deposition: Agent Erdély
spoken-word soundtrack, Nearest Truth
2021 (podcast)

Letter to Malka Leifer
short story, Anthology (ed. Steve Finbow)
2021 Infinity Land Press (UK)

Medusa Phase
short-story, The Celestial Bandit
2021 Kernpunkt Press (US)

How I Survived A Nuclear Attack
short story, Deep Ends: A Ballardian Anthology 2021
2021 The Terminal Press (CA)

Fred Is Dead
short story, Neo-Decadence Evangelion
2022 (forthcoming) Zagava (DE)