Counterillumination by Audrey Szasz (UK & UK editions)

Release Date: 12/May/2023

Comes in two editions: UK (hardcover) and US (perfect bound)


UK edition of COUNTERILLUMINATION via Cargo Records (hardcover)


US edition of COUNTERILLUMINATION via AS online store (perfect bound)


Audrey Szasz – Counterillumination
402 pages

The long-awaited third novel from a truly untamed literary talent.
Exquisitely printed with colour & b&w illustrations.
First edition. Limited numbers.



UK/EU Customers please order the UK edition via Cargo Records


‘Audrey Szasz’s epic third novel is her most ambitious trip yet. A 400-page psychic assault course journeying through the delirious present and harrowed hellscapes of futures past. This truly encyclopaedic outsider vision of ecstasy and, until now, unimaginable horror will surely warp your pretty little mind forever.’

File under: Sex (Deviant). Violence (Frequent). Psychology (Experimental). Literature (Radical). Counter (Illumination).

We can confidently say you will have never read anything remotely like this before.

No spoilers: the complete Zutka Reconstruction Kit.

CAUTION: Adult Themes throughout


Steve Finbow on Audrey Szasz:
‘Audrey Szasz’s prose is as beautiful and stark as her subject matter is provocative and perverse. Her books are an explosive fusion of the sublime, the seductive and the psychopathic. An author of virtuosic violation and subversive brilliance, Szasz is the best writer of her generation.’ 


A: You can stand up. Show me where it hurts.

(B stands and A moves the chair, the legs of which scrape across the floor)

A: Show me. Where does it hurt?

(A turns B around)

A: Here?

B: Yes.

A: Turn around. Can you bear the pain with dignity?

B: Yes.

A: Because you’re strong right?

B: Yes. (she nods; A strokes B’s hair)

A: Does anybody know you’re here?

B: No.

A: Are you going to tell anyone?

B: Well…. No.

A: Not even your boyfriend?

B: He’ll see the marks.

A: And what do you think he’ll say?

(B remains silent)

A: What do you think he’ll say?

(A raises his voice)

B: He won’t like it, no….

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